Friday, June 12, 2015

India has Cherished its History

with rivers & mountains,
deserts & beaches,
cultures & traditions,
no such geographical boundaries,
have diversity with such high calories,
they say its a third world,
it seems that they are unknown
with the real world.

In spite of all the diversity,
it has been one of the greatest
People are efficient,
like the Creator himself,
they were just guided by 
providing a wrong shelf,
Reaching to Mars at
such a low cost,
have almost defrost the frost.

They say it's just developing,
as if human progress is a process
of editing,
from time to time,
from ages to ages;
the level of advancements
will change definitely,
and these are good signs, 
but the essence behind
the existence of humanity,
is pretty much unchangeable,
its history is pretty much new,
but the sky is blue, 
& the sun is pouring its sunshine,
since unicellular organisms were first found, 
may be epochs earlier than it,
when there existed just sound.

India has cherished its history,
but it was deviated by different directors
like a film story,
It'll regain its glory
and there would be no wonders
again, it would sit on the top storey.'

This post has been written as part of a contest run by Lufthansa India under #LufthansaPremiumEconomy.

Image from funfacts

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