Monday, June 22, 2015

Lets Just Preach Humanity

'A human was preaching,
& speaking,
about the significance 
of his religious teachings,
He looked confident,
a feeling of constant
devotion and dedication,
he seemed dominant
a human sitting in 
the audience,
about the truth behind
this whole conscience,

The preacher tried to explain,
but was intervened
by the human 
behind the question,
and said,
"We are just human beings,
like any other living being,
the conscience behind 
each one of them 
is the same,
and the lord of the lords
can't be two,
the animals and the birds,
don't take their swords
up, against each other,
based on religious teachings,
and hence in spite of 
all the advancements 
& developments,
we have failed to cherish humanity,
failing to realize our actual capacity,
& the consciousness behind this perfect creation;
let's not preach any religion, 
let's not bar an individual's vision,
let's just preach humanity,
let's just hold on to the basics,
in the manner, 
the creator of you and me
would have liked to see".'

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