Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Unseen

'A small bird,
was inspecting
the natural world,
she found the
picture blurred,
when she preferred
to deviate her focus,
to observe this endless
yard of sound 
with unknown password,
she was on her routine life
told not to use the knife,
living in the set barrier,
she was amazed
& left with a feeling of ecstasy,
as a thought rolled
across her working mind,
"the director of this world,
has set and made limited,
the world of ours and the
one more priviliged,
for him, it was necessary
to maintain balance
between absence and presence, 
illusion and the power
of silence,
restricting the uninterested,
to establish the presence 
& supremacy of the unseen,

Image from uwwtv

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