Monday, January 25, 2016

The Real Ambience

'Pretty early
or pretty late,
a lot depends on 
wait and weight,
its how the universal
calculator calculates,
compensations do 
but they don't 
and remain in 
an evergreen state,
for it, the arena of wait
is pretty important,
it teaches one, 
the art of patience 
and significance
of being an audience,
it provides with
the necessary guidance,
but patience alone,
can't be gracious,
the knowledge of
full acceptance
and that of one's 
own conscience, 
arrives only when
the weight applied is 
in an appropriate,
and concentrated state,
to identify the real ambience
of one's own existence,
and the significances
of living in alliance. 

Image from colourbox

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  1. Beautiful lines ..